Drinking and bar hopping just got a lot more fun. Bar Golf Richmond has added golf-themed rules and attire to the bar crawl experience, and we can guarantee your score will improve the more you drink! Read below for rules and fill out the contact form below to stay in the loop. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming tournament!


beer glass


All players are expected to wear proper golf attire. Whether you opt for the classic Payne Stewart knickers look or some colorful John Daly plaid, make sure you are appropriately suited up before your outing.

All players will report to the clubhouse (a pre-determined bar) 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. The Bar Golf superintendents (that's us) will distribute all materials and ensure all players understand the rules.

Upon the tournament's start, each player will proceed to nine specially designated and unique holes. The 9-hole course consists of 9 drinks at 9 bars. The drinks will match up with each bar's theme and character. For example, one hole might be a Guinness pint at an Irish bar. The course will likely feature 3 beers, 3 shots, and 3 mixed drinks/bombs.

We'll provide scorecards for each player. Players will be awarded a score of par for successfully drinking the designated beverage in the allotted amount of time. Penalty strokes will be given to players who don't drink the designated beverage. There will also be chances to earn negative strokes throughout the course.

A men's champion, women's champion, and best dressed golfer will be crowned at the end of the night.



Each player will receive the following:

  • Rule sheet/Scorecard
  • Bar Golf scoring pencil
  • "Quiet Please" sign



As of now, there are no "greens fees" for Bar Golf Richmond. Yes, it's totally free! Players are responsible for paying for drinks and cab rides home. We are responsible for providing you and your liver with a fun, fairly-organized event.

Fan Invitational

First Place Male:

  • Rich Forbes

First Place Female:

  • Kailey Kraus

Best Dressed:

  • Rich Rebmann

River City Classic

First Place Male:

  • Charlie Gates

First Place Female:

  • Ashley Harland

Best Dressed:

  • Robbie Broughton

The Shockoe Open

First Place Male:

  • Jason Cosby
  • Eric Eichenlaub
  • Ben Gates

First Place Female:

  • Emily Kline

Best Dressed:

  • Steve Jansen



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